Hit all of the major muscle groups with a fun but challenging total body workout. Classes cover technique, strength, and cardio. Meet all of your fitness needs while beating stress and building unstoppable confidence.

Classes are 50 minutes long and focus on what forged every great fighter: jumping rope, calisthenics and heavy bag work.

Trial lessons

Still thinking of joining the club but are hessitant because you have never put gloves on before? If so, you are missing out on the most exciting way to get in the best shape of your life. Let's face it, walking into a boxing gym can be intimidating so we have made it easier by adding three small group trial classes every week. The classes will cover basic punches as well as footwork ad defense. Gloves will be provided for the class.



Develop a deeper understanding of the sport of boxing, its techniques, and traditions. Great for beginners and intermediate boxers alike.

The class will cover:

  -  Punches

  -  Blocks

  -  Slipping and weaving

  -  Footwork

  -  Bag work


If you want to change up your routine or just work on strengthening and toning your legs and core, kickboxing class is for you. When done properly, learning to kick has several additional benifits to punching alone. When you are kicking, you also develop: Balance, Flexibility, Single leg strength, force production, increased aerobic capacity.

rope burn

This class is focused on getting your heart rate up, your punches strong, and your core solid as a rock. No previous boxing experience is necessary as we are going for the burn, not the knockout.

Connect With Us

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us by phone at (332) 233-8580 or email at [email protected] or the best option which is to stop in and say hello.