If you are a beginner or have dabbled in and are considering immersing yourself in boxing, often called “The Sweet Science,” our Intro to Boxing classes in New York, NY are an adventure encompassing traditions and techniques that will help you find your pace and your peace, as your stress diminishes and your mental and physical health improves. This group boxing class is a great way to learn the basics and get a good feel for the gym and instructors.

You do not have to want to have a dream of being a competitive boxer to enjoy the benefits of the sport. Learning one of the oldest forms of martial arts is worth it for physical and mental benefits, because self-defense is self-care. This class is not about two people stepping into a ring and punching until one knocks the other out. It is about you, mastering this discipline and learning fluid body movement, footwork, and powerful punches while sharpening your mind.


Intro to Boxing is a 50-minute class suitable for those who have never put on gloves and who have a little knowledge of the sport. We meet Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30 p.m., two classes per week for two weeks.

One of boxing’s traditions that you learn on Day 1 is the boxing stance, which has your lead leg forward, lead hand extended slightly as a guard, and your dominant hand closer to your face. We will also cover basic boxing foundations in this class, such as:

  • Punching: You will learn jab, the cross, the hook, and the uppercut. The coach will lead the class through drills that mix punches to create punch count combinations.
  • Blocking: A basic defense technique to protect yourself from punches by employing proper stance and hand placement.
  • Slipping, bobbing, and weaving: Defensive techniques, slipping is moving your head left or right of center to let a punch slip past you; weaving is a set of slips; and bobbing is bending at the knees when a punch is thrown so it goes over you.
  • Footwork: Proper movement on your feet improves punching, balance, and coordination with specific drills like jumping rope.
  • Bag work: Your trainer will work with you on a bag to target different skills; for example, you will learn to punch harder with Power Puncher drills, and punch faster with Flash drills.
  • Core work and conditioning: Much of your power and balance in boxing comes from your core, so you will work on developing strong abs.

The Intro to Boxing program in Midtown Manhattan is a perfect place to start for those who want a physical and mental challenge but are not ready or interested in competitive boxing. In these classes, you will learn techniques used by world-class athletes and apply them to your own workouts.

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Join us at Victory Boxing Club NYC, where all are welcome to engage in The Sweet Science in a fun, friendly environment. We value the development of both mental and physical fitness and emphasize present moment awareness, where you will focus on your heart rate and breathing to get the most out of your workout.

The program costs $75. Gloves and hand wraps are included at no additional charge ($50 value). Contact us to schedule your first Intro to Boxing class today.


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