Our boxing classes are a perfect choice when you are looking for an effective fitness adventure or want to try something new and fun, with the benefit of feeling empowered. At our welcoming boxing gym, your commitment will help you develop a fit mind and body, whether it is your first class or you are a longtime regular.

If you are new to the sport and curious about what it involves, but would rather not have to avoid real punches or hit other people directly, non-contact fitness classes and Intro to Boxing are for you. You can also get into fighting shape (without actually fighting) by taking our Rope Burn classes.

Maybe people have noticed you have some raw talent for the sport, or you want to learn advanced techniques. Private boxing lessons will help take your skills to the next level. No matter your level of interest or experience, there is a place for you in our boxing classes in New York, NY.

What Boxing Classes Do We Offer?

All the great boxers got to the top of their game by training mentally and physically. In our boxing classes in New York, NY, students learn present moment awareness, keeping an eye on their heart rate and environment while learning new skills and making decisions about what the next move should be. Training for both kinds of fitness gives our students healthy advantages in their lives outside the gym, including better sleep and mental sharpness. Victory Boxing Club trains you to reap the benefits of mental and physical fitness through boxing.

Boxing classes last 50 minutes and are conducted by our experienced trainers for beginners, intermediate, and advanced levels. Every week, we also offer two Intro to Boxing classes for a limited number of participants, so our trainers can quickly correct mistakes as students learn basic boxing stances and punches, footwork, and defense techniques. We also supply gloves for newcomers who are still deciding if boxing is right for them.

Our regular Midtown Manhattan boxing classes consider an individual’s level of fitness and boxing knowledge. All of them are full-body workouts concentrating on proper technique, cardio, and strength training in the same way the greats did, by jumping rope, punching heavy bags, and calisthenics.

Intro to Boxing

Beginner and intermediate boxers will hone their punching skills through bag work and develop their blocking, slipping, weaving, and footwork skills with the help of our top-notch trainers. All newcomers to the sport should start with this class.

Rope Burn

Feel the burn in this class that raises the heart rate, encourages forceful punches, land, and builds core strength. Jumping rope also torches calories and builds the defined arms and legs boxers are known for. Taking this class regularly helps students build the stamina and power they need to enter a ring, or just improve their own fitness.

Attend a Variety of Boxing Classes in New York, NY – At Victory Boxing Club

Boxing is hard, rewarding work, but our New York boxing classes are also a lot of fun because they are not aggressive matches that end when someone gets knocked out. The only person you are competing against is yourself. Together, we make you a better boxer and a more mentally and physically fit person than you were the day before. Contact us to sign up for the class of your choice.


Sign Up for Your First Class at Our Celebrated Boxing Gym in New York, NY

Looking for a boxing gym in New York, NY? We are proud to train some of the best fighters in Midtown Manhattan – but we do much more than that! Trial lessons and beginner classes are open to everyone, so contact us for more information on pricing and to set up your first class. You may just find your inner Muhammed Ali at Victory Boxing Club.

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