If you have taken boxing classes and appreciate the mental and physical benefits of the sport, you may want to consider amateur boxer training in New York, NY. This can be your ticket into professional boxing, but even without turning pro, amateur or Olympic-style boxing can be a way to push your body and mind to the next level and gain speed, grace, and agility. Victory Boxing Club offers boxing classes at all levels, including those who want to break into the sport.

The Sweet Science

During amateur boxing training, you will understand why boxing is called the Sweet Science. This may sound counterintuitive, because boxing is often portrayed as a contest of fists, aggression, power, and endurance, but there is a technical aspect and mental strategy that successful boxers employ.

At Victory Boxing Club, we emphasize present moment awareness in your training, where you are aware of your own heart rate, but also of exactly how your opponent is interacting with you. This training helps you gain the patience of observation, which lets you see holes in your opponent’s strategy and allows you to change yours during a fight.

Amateur boxing training in New York, NY will enable you to master physical techniques such as bobbing, slipping, weaving, deflecting blows, and landing a lightning fast and powerful punch just where you want it. You are in that Sweet Science spot when you are composed, have a fight strategy in mind, adapt it as you gather information about your opponent, and execute it without becoming flustered in front of a crowd.

How We Train Amateur Boxers

We train your mind and body to succeed. During the course of your training, you will work on basic punching counts, footwork, and defensive stances to find your unique style. Our trainers will help you incorporate techniques from all styles of boxing, including long- and short-range punches and constant movement, so you can be well-rounded and successful.

Your first sparring partner is your trusted trainer, who will push you, correct your form and technique, and explain why and how a move works. The session is preceded by a warmup of calisthenics to help build powerful muscles that support harder punches and footwork. Amateur boxing training sessions in New York, NY last 50 minutes.

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Through boxing training, you will learn to use strategy, speed, and technique to win a boxing match instead of relying on brute strength and aggression alone.

Muhammad Ali, considered by many as the greatest boxer of all time, used some of the same techniques you will master during your sessions, including mental strategy, precision footwork, bobbing and weaving to avoid blows, and tiring opponents before landing powerful punches. Contact Victory Boxing Club to learn what amateur boxer training in New York, NY can do for your mental and physical strength.


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