You have a lot of choices if you are adopting or continuing a fitness routine. Most of them involve toning and strengthening your body through repetitive motions with not much mental input needed. Boxing is different, because it develops both mental and physical well-being.

We understand that if you have never tried boxing classes, you might want to take a trial class, put on some gloves, and see if it is for you. Our small group boxing classes in New York, NY, are fun and welcoming, with an emphasis on proper technique and cardiovascular fitness, not knocking each other out. Everyone is a winner in their own way, and you are welcome at Victory Boxing Club. Many of our group boxing classes involve no contact at all; although you will learn the techniques and strategy to defend yourself if you are put in that situation, because we believe self-defense is self-care.

Conditioning for Boxing

Our 50-minute class begins with a warmup that conditions your muscles and gets your heart rate up. It may include stretching, jumping rope, or calisthenics, because we first determine your fitness level and how strenuous early classes should be. We teach you the basic boxer’s stance, punches, and defense strategies, including footwork that helps you dodge your opponent’s punches and position you to deliver your own. We provide gloves for this class, so your only investment is your time and the cost of the class.

As your group progresses through the boxing class in New York, NY, you will also participate in present moment awareness, meaning you will focus on your heart rate and surroundings, as well as the next punch combination.

The Boxer’s Stance

The boxer’s stance allows you good reach to land your punches and keep you from being thrown off balance. You will be in position to deliver a variety of punches and move away from your opponent’s blows by dodging, bobbing, and weaving. Anticipating your opponent’s moves is a core strategy that involves patience, mental acuity, and a game plan, all part of what our trainers teach, tailored to your style.

Punching Technique

Punches in boxing are sub-divided into six types, subject to a punch count based on the jab, cross, lead hook, rear hook, lead uppercut, and rear uppercut. The numbers assigned to each type of punch are combined to create sequences boxers use to dominate the situation in a fight. This is where mental agility is nurtured through strategy and allowing yourself present moment awareness lets you progress in the sport; not only your ability to spring and deflect, but patiently observing your opponent in the moment and anticipating their next move so you can react with skill and competence.

Boxing is a mental and physical sport, and our Midtown Manhattan group boxing classes help you develop both elements.

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Join one of our trial classes, no matter your fitness level, to learn why the sport of boxing has endured for centuries. At our group boxing classes in New York, NY, everyone is welcome. We believe there is a place in the sport for everyone, and we want you to have fun as you learn. Call us or visit today.


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