You have a lot of choices in your quest to get fit and healthy. Finding the right program can be an exercise in trial and error, and you do not want to join a gym only to find after few sessions that it is not for you.

We have a solution that will not make you commit to signing a contract before you know whether you like our program. Our trial boxing lessons let you experience the sport and become as enthralled as we are with it. We even provide gloves so you can come as you are, ready for a friendly, fulfilling boxing workout that begins with basic punches, defensive techniques, and footwork.

Basic Punches

We’ll teach you the basic punches you need to know. The benefits you gain from learning how to box are not just physical, they are mental. You will train your mind to combine punches as offensive and defensive strategy, and you will become more observant, not only of what your body is telling you, but to analyze every move your opponent makes so you control the exchange. The six basic punches and the numbers associated with them are:

  • 1, the jab, used to gauge distance and set up other punches
  • 2, the cross, a strong punch delivered from a coiled arm
  • 3, the left hook, is a speed punch
  • 4, the right hook, engages the entire body, especially the core
  • 5, the left uppercut, is a powerful punch used at close range
  • 6, the right uppercut, is delivered at the fastest speed

Practicing these punches and their combinations during boxing trial lessons in New York, NY, instills discipline and improves your physical health and mental awareness of your space.

Defensive Boxing Techniques

We teach you techniques to counter punches, including deflecting, bobbing and weaving, slipping, and returning hits, all moves that help build strong leg muscles, speed, and mental acuity.

Boxing Footwork

Footwork allows you to move into or out of your opponent’s space. Trial boxing lessons in New York, NY, will teach you to position and move your feet to maintain balance, improve your endurance, and look for angles that put you in charge of your performance.

Become Stronger and More Confident Through Boxing Trial Lessons in New York, NY

All are welcome at Victory Boxing Club regardless of fitness level or boxing experience. We are here to teach you a sport we believe you will love once you try it. You will sweat, learn, and excel with new friends. Our boxing trial lessons in New York, NY, are tailored to your fitness level and last about 50 minutes. We provide gloves, so you will not have to invest in equipment before you are sure you want to make the commitment. Contact us today to sign up for a class.


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Looking for a boxing gym in New York, NY? We are proud to train some of the best fighters in Midtown Manhattan – but we do much more than that! Trial lessons and beginner classes are open to everyone, so contact us for more information on pricing and to set up your first class. You may just find your inner Muhammed Ali at Victory Boxing Club.

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